About JES Editorial Services

JES Editorial Services was unofficially started in 2011 by author Jessica Meigs as a way to earn a little extra money. But she soon found that she enjoyed helping other authors refine and perfect their manuscripts, so she decided to open her own “storefront” officially in 2017.

JES Editorial Services offers a variety of services intended to help perfect your projects. These services include:

* Content Editing (an examination of plot, structure, etc. to improve the project’s overall readability)

* Copy Editing (going line by line in a project to improve the structure/wording of sentences, grammar, etc.)

* Proofreading (a basic pass over the manuscript to look for small grammatical errors and typos that have been overlooked in the prior editing stages)

Copy Editing

Jessica is currently accepting submissions for copyediting. She has multiple years of experience in this field, primarily in fiction but also in some creative nonfiction too. She has worked both in-house and remotely for several different publishers and for numerous independent clients since 2011.

What She Copy Edits

Anything! Literally, any genre goes, from nonfiction to erotica to science fiction, urban fantasy, general fiction, women’s fiction…you name it, she will copy edit it.


Jessica’s rates for copy editing run as follows:

She charges $0.006 per word.* Word count for any given manuscript is calculated based on the word count meter on Microsoft Word. This calculation includes any front and back matter included in the manuscript file, as she also copy edits that for errors.

Method of Payment

Jessica accept payments via Paypal.

25% of your fee will be due when the project is scheduled in order to reserve your scheduled slot.

25% will be due when the project is received for copy editing to begin.

The remaining 50% will be due at the completion of the project, prior to the manuscript being returned to you.


Jessica accepts for submission any genre, any length. This job entails looking for any grammatical errors, spelling errors, word usage errors, sentence structure errors, etc. with the goal of improving the sentence-level readability of your project.

If you are interested in hiring her to copy edit your project, please contact Jessica with the following information:

* Your name

* Your email address

* The genre your manuscript falls under, as best as you can classify it

* Total word count of the manuscript

* A rough estimate of the deadline you’d like to try to meet (if any)

* Any further questions you may have regarding the project, Jessica’s experience, Jessica as a copy editor, etc.

Send all of the above to jessica.meigs@gmail.com. (Please DO NOT send money via Paypal to this email address. Jessica’s email for Paypal is different from this address.)

Jessica will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your project, its scheduling, and a quote for final pricing and deposit amounts.



If you’re interested in hiring Jessica for proofreading your project, the same policies as above apply. Please contact her for proofreading rates.


Content Editing

If you’re interested in a full content edit of your project, which entails a comprehensive, detailed edit of your manuscript on a content-level rather than just sentence-level, please contact Jessica first.

Note that content edits are significantly more expensive than copy edits, as they take much longer to complete and are much more in depth, and you should be prepared accordingly for higher fees.


*If you are a prior client who has hired Jessica to copy edit or proofread at least three projects for you prior to January 1, 2018, please contact Jessica for a special returning customer rate.